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Lydon Smit

Director - eduCLinED JUNIOR (Pty) Ltd.High School Educator

Taryn de Boer

Director - eduCLinED JUNIOR (Pty) Ltd.Primary School Educator

Your education can become an adventure

Welcome to eduCLinED JUNIOR; a goal digging journey towards academic excellence, in which an exciting exploratory learning experience lies ahead, as learners embark on an academic adventure with us.

While distance and online education can, at times, be a challenging learning experience it is also a rewarding learning adventure that easily accommodates a learner’s unique educational needs, enabling them to dig one goal at a time, matching their capabilities to their abilities.

eduCLinED JUNOR does not teach students in the traditional sense, but rather provides learning opportunities that direct students in becoming self-directed and disciplined decision makers, who can fulfil their potential as 21st century global citizens.

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Danie Boneschans

Director and FounderPrimary and high school educator

Karin Labuschagne

Co-FounderPrimary and high school educator

Providing skills-based education to anyone, anywhere.

Welcome to DanieTeach Online. We provide learners with a structured home school curriculum that is aligned with Cambridge, IEB and CAPS curricula.

Professional and trained online teachers guide and offer support learners to achieve their academic goals while allowing learners to learn at their own pace.

With an alternative approach to education we offer more than just the main subjects. Enrol today for English, Maths and Science and choose from a variety of skills-based online learning areas such as coding, psychology, animal-psychology, photography, design and make, fun-fitness and much more.

Structured work scheduled linked to learners' Google Classroom with resources and online assistance via Zoom or Google Meets gives the learner real-time classroom experiences with all their chosen subjects.

We offer two options:

  • eClassroom
  • Basic
eClassroom Option


10 Month enrolment including *Google Meets per subject

Per Subject:

  • Stage 1 : R 5150.00 (R 515.00 p/m)
  • Stage 2 : R 5150.00 (R 515.00 p/m)
  • Stage 3 : R 5150.00 (R 515.00 p/m)
  • Stage 4 : R 6025.00 (R 602.50 p/m)
  • Stage 5 : R 6025.00 (R 602.50 p/m)
  • Stage 6 : R 6025.00 (R 602.50 p/m)
  • Stage 7 : R 7350.00 (R 735.00 p/m)
  • Stage 8 : R 7350.00 (R 735.00 p/m)
  • Stage 9 : R 7350.00 (R 735.00 p/m)
  • IntGSCE : R 7420.00 (R 742.00 p/m)
  • AS / A : R 7960.00 (R 796.00 p/m)

What is included:

  • 30 Weeks Work Schedule / Planning
  • Assignments / Activities
  • 20 Google Meets sessions per subject. (Can have less hangouts, pro-rated from amount)
  • Extensive tutor Interaction - Google Classroom account, classroom Interaction, Student Interaction, hangout Sessions (live and prerecorded), Access to the tutor via e-mail; Google Classroom and WhatsApp
  • Marking of main assignments and past papers
  • Tutor/Teacher created notes, worksheets, activities, etc.
  • Student WhatsApp group for immediate assistance.
Basic Option


10 Month enrolment including *Google Meets per enrolment.

Per Subject:

  • Stage 1 : R 1650.00
  • Stage 2 : R 1650.00
  • Stage 3 : R 1650.00
  • Stage 4 : R 2025.00
  • Stage 5 : R 2025.00
  • Stage 6 : R 2025.00
  • Stage 7 : R 2350.00
  • Stage 8 : R 2350.00
  • Stage 9 : R 2350.00
  • IntGSCE : R 2350.00
  • AS / A : R 2675.00

What is included:

  • 30 Weeks (divided into 5 modules - 6 weeks per module)
  • Assignments / activities and memos where applicable
  • Optional 5 x Hangouts / pre-recorded lessons per subject)

Additional costs to you would include:

  • Textbooks (purchased separately – one per subject. Cost per textbook ranges from R150 – R1500 depending on the publishers, the subject and the level. Most are about R550. A direct link to these is provided by in order to make for easy, correct and updated purchasing of such.
  • Any additional tutoring/facilitation over and above studies. The cost of this would depend on the individual private tutoring sought, the experience and qualifications of the tutor/facilitator. It is variable and can range from R100 – R450 per session.
  • Exam fees (Approximately R1800 to R2800, subject and level dependent, per exam subject)

Extra Lessons - Google mEETS / zoom Only

What is Google Meets?

It is like a video call lesson - We use a two-way document, in other words, both student and teacher can type in real time on the same document. It's similar to Skype, but more educator- friendly.

For more information regarding Google Meets, click here.


R250.00 per 30min hangout session.

Please note:

If a student cancels less than 3hours before the scheduled lesson, the lesson will still be charged for.


Some Questions answered:

How Google Hangouts Meets work:

How many times a week does the student ‘attend’ a class?

The Hangout sessions can be scheduled on a weekly / monthly basis and are also dependent on everyone's schedule and availability.

How does a student interact with the teacher – is it ever a ‘live’ lesson?

The hangouts are live, yes, but the online work that we schedule we can communicate via email. We usually respond to queries within a day or two, if we did not see the student for a live hangout session in the meantime.

How is the course work presented/given to the student and how are assignments submitted for marking: all online, and if so, how would his conversational/speaking/pronunciation be assessed?

It is all stored, shared and submitted via Google Drive. We also mark and submit back on the document itself. Verbal communication skills are tested within the scheduled content where student can record their speech/presentation and send it back via email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, etc.

Are there any other textbooks/workbooks needed or is your course all inclusive?

We add literary work which we will only start with the higher level learners. We pre-scribe eBooks for those subjects which do no have the content included electronically.

How does a parent receive feedback on the child’s progress?

Parents can follow along on learners' Google classroom. This enables both student and parent to be fully part of the journey.

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