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Learning any language...

...requires audio and visual repetition. To discover the ability to do something at any age is liberating. To be able to achieve something you might never have thought possible, means that you had thought about it at least once, at some stage.

In our Level 1 content, we create an awareness of the possibility of learning a new language. Learners are exposed to simple, yet different ways of gaining information. At this stage, we do not expect them to fully comprehend what they are reading or even seeing, but rather to experience it.

The sounds / vowels chosen in both our isiZulu and Afrikaans content were carefully narrowed down and hand-picked to support an attitude of "I can do this". We give the user an option to follow a certain order that we think best ignites long-term memory.

In Afrikaans, for example, we suggest level 1 users to only learn the 5 short vowels and the sounds G, V, W, Y, J and R. These sounds are pronounced differently in other languages and being a phonetical language, users tend to avoid these pronunciations which leads to 10 - 12 year old students being unable to improve their reading...

With a process called (simple) gamification, we allow the user to execute a choice with some guidance. In isiZulu, we include double sounds in level 1, while focusing on the stem word, learning to add prefixes and suffixes in later levels.

We encourage all our users (parents, teachers and learners) to make use of our web apps at home. Let your children watch the isiZulu and Afrikaans puppet shows everyday, even if they have already watched it a hundred times before. Let them listen to the audio and repeat what they hear as often as possible. This will support their long-term learning, remembering new words and assist with reading in higher grades.

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Happy learning!

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