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Who we are

Danie Boneschans

Danie completed his BA in Audiovisual Production Management and thereafter his PGCSE at the University of Johannesburg. He founded and registered DanieTeach PTY ltd in 2014 and has since been growing his business with the aim to participate in and contribute to a global education revolution. Danie has been teaching Afrikaans for 12 years, 4 of which online distance teaching along with his self-developed Afrikaans program proving to be a successful contribution to the world of online education.

Beantha Pretorius

Beantha completed her high school career as a private distance learning student with a passion for teaching. She has built up solid experience in home school environments, au pairing and teaching children from as little as 6 years of age. Beantha has been employed by DT International Academy since January 2021 and assists with admin, enrolments, communication, finances and teaching Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Sciences from years 1 - 9.

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What you can expect?

  • Monthly scheduled assignments and tasks via Google Classroom.

  • Monthly virtual lessons.

  • Teacher Interaction via Google Classroom, e-mail and WhatsApp.

  • Marking and feedback.

  • Subscriptions to various online learning platforms, like DanieTeach, IXL, Bettermarks, CodeMonkey.

  • Termly Parent-Teacher communication and feedback sessions.

Additional costs to include:

  • Textbooks (purchased separately – one per subject.) Cost per textbook ranges from R150 – R1500 depending on the publishers, the subject and the level. Most are about R550. A direct link to these is provided by in order to make for easy, correct and updated purchasing of such.

  • Any additional tutoring/facilitation over and above studies. The cost of this would depend on the individual private tutoring sought, the experience and qualifications of the tutor/facilitator. It is variable and can range from R100 – R450 per session.

  • Exam fees (Approximately R1800 to R2800, subject and level dependent, per exam subject)

Frequently Asked questions:

How does Google Meets work:

How many times a week does the student ‘attend’ a class?

The Hangout sessions can be scheduled on a weekly / monthly basis and are also dependent on everyone's schedule and availability.

How does a student interact with the teacher – is it ever a ‘live’ lesson?

Our lessons are live and we make use of a variety of video call applications; such as Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

How is the course work presented/given to the student and how are assignments submitted for marking: all online, and if so, how would his conversational/speaking/pronunciation be assessed?

It is all stored, shared and submitted via Google Drive. We also mark and submit back on the document itself. Verbal communication skills are tested within the scheduled content where student can record their speech/presentation and send it back via email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, etc.

Are there any other textbooks/workbooks needed or is your course all inclusive?

We add literary work which we will only start with the higher level learners. We pre-scribe eBooks for those subjects which do no have the content included electronically.

How does a parent receive feedback on the child’s progress?

Our teachers communicate directly to parents via preferred communication channel; such as Whatsapp or Email. Parents can also follow along on learners' Google classroom. This enables both student and parent to be fully part of the journey. Feedback is given continuously throughout the duration of the course, either verbally and / or written.

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