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Micro Learning Hubs

FEES - Micro Learning Hubs GRADE 1 - 12

Location basedDaily 1-on-1 and group lessons8 : 1 Student : Teacher RatioMonday - Friday 9:00 - 13:30Registration / Enrolment Fee: R 1,000.00

Grade Fees p/m Subjects

1 R 5,000.00 4 Subjects

2 R 5,000.00 4 Subjects

3 R 5,000,00 4 Subjects

4 R 6,000.00 4 Subjects

5 R 6,000.00 4 Subjects

6 R 6,000.00 4 Subjects

Grade Fees p/m Subjects

7 R 7,000.00 5 Subjects

8 R 7,000.00 5 Subjects

9 R 7,000.00 5 Subjects

10 R 9,000.00 6 Subjects

11 R 9,000.00 6 Subjects

12 R 9,000.00 6 Subjects

What to expect

  • The DT Hubs are location based venues which provide communities with an alternative education option in the micro-learning space methodology.

  • ​Our Carlswald Hub, in Midrand, currently accommodates eight learners under the facilitation of Karin Labuschagne, who previously taught at Reddam House Waterfall. Karin utilises Google Classrooms to schedule, monitor, mark and assess her learners, while integrating daily lessons with real-life applications and monthly field trips.

  • ​Chiralle Badenhorst, who leads the facilitation at our Bluehills Hub has been homeschooling her own children for many years and having attained a deeper understanding of learning facilitation has now opened her doors to the dtHUBS family!

  • Danie Boneschans runs the Westdene Hub, currently teaching 4 learners with their class pet, Nixie the hedgehog.

  • In Knoppieslaagte, near Centurion, Ansuyah Squires homeschooled 1 student in the comfort of his own home.

  • With less focus on formal, standardised testing in the lower stages / grades, we allow students to learn at their own pace. There is, however, an element of assessment that will be done in order to keep track of students' progress ensuring that important scholastic concepts and cognitive milestones are being attained.

  • Formal assessments are an important and crucial measurement from the Checkpoint Lower Secondary stages (Checkpoint Stages, 7, 8 and 9) as a precursor to being prepared for the critical thinking required for Cambridge International external examinations at the IntGCSE level and at the Advanced Levels, namely the A/AS level.

  • The DT Hubs are not traditional schools. The concept encompasses the micro-learning environment. We offer a relaxed, learner driven educational environment. The magic that we create is a combination of teacher, learner and parent who work as a team to understand and create what an individual learner needs in order to participate in the real world milieu!

  • Each hub has its own unique culture, feel and identity, thereby allowing each teacher, parent and learner to feel part of a co-parenting educational environment.

  • From 2020 we are be able to facilitate all levels / stages / grades at our Hubs.

  • Click here for more information about our dtHUBS, email info@danieteach.com or call Danie on +27 76 090 1016.

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  • "Hi Karin, I just want to let you know of a conversation I had with Nic yesterday after school. I asked them how their day was and Nic said it was fantastic! He continued to state that he is going to this new school which is the best!" - Katie Cremer, Carlswald Hub

  • "Working with you, Amy's attitude towards Afrikaans as a subject has changed from negative to positive. She came out of her final examination smiling and happy! Thank you!" - Distance learning student, Amy Allan (18)

  • "Peta phoned me this afternoon so excited about her lesson with you and said that you are an absolute life saver to her with her AfrikaansJ! You seem to be filling in missing puzzle pieces for her. Thank you so much for being prepared to help out at such short notice and just pull out all stops possible to help her. I think you may be my life saver as well!" - Robyn Conroy, mom of 3

  • "My studies are going very well, thank you. I find DT to be very straightforward and to the point." - Tayah Duncan, Stage 7 Distance learner

+27 76 090 1016